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North QLD Christmas Trip – Day 6: Townsville

20 May 2024
Jezzine Barracks

Welcome to Day 6 of our North QLD Christmas Trip, we are still in Townsville…. Too much to do so extra days are needed.

Out plan is to take the kids to the Army, RAAF, Maritime, Tropical Queensland Museums.. Good plan you say, you are taking your kids to learn while travelling…..

Well that didn’t work, they are all closed for renovations or till 4th January… Cant believe it during school holidays……….

So we decide to take a walk around Jezzine Barracks and Kissing Point. If you know me it would not come as a surprise, I got 300m from the car and fell straight down on my right knee.

One consolation I did not loose my apple or my water. Very happy with that at least I know I should hold my beer if I go down again.

Maarten and the boys completed the trip without me. The photos made me disappointed I couldn’t make it around.

After lunch we took the kids back to The Strand Waterplay area, thinking that the park would close at 6. Not reading the information correct the park was open till 8 and of course the kids were not leaving till close.

The Strand & Beaches – Townsville City Council

All in all it was a relaxed day and even thought we couldn’t do the planned activities it was an enjoyable day.

Tonight being New Years we head back to the van and are in bed by 10pm. Who needs to see midnight, guess what it is the 1st January at 8am as well LOL