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North QLD Christmas Trip – Day 5: Bowen to Townsville

30 May 2024

We make the decision today to stay heading North again, we pack up in a drizzle and set off for Townsville.

We arrived at the Coral Coast Caravan Park where we will be staying for at least 3 nights. This is the longest stay in one place we have had travelling even before kids.

Unfortunately, the weather was not kind and set up was in a torrential downpour. As much as you try to hold the umbrella over someone it just doesn’t work

So we provided the afternoon entertainment for the caravan park…

After drying out and having lunch we head out in search of Bunnings.. With the drill battery replaced and other things we didn’t know we needed bought we head off to check out the lookouts.

Mt Stuart was our first stop and the weather decided to give us a break, we managed to take photos before the cloud cover came in.

The next stop was Castle Hill, as we drove to the top there was heaps of people walking and running up the hill, I was thinking thank god we were driving.

Then we parked in the carpark and had to trek up what felt like a million stairs to the top.

The only think that I could think, once the oxygen returned was “what goes up must come down” and I’m not looking forward to that..

After a drive around the Strand it is time to head back to the caravan park to plan the rest of our stay in Townsville and make bookings.

We are really getting into the groove of slowing down and enjoying our time on the road.