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North QLD Christmas Trip – Day 7: Still in Townville

29 May 2024
Happy New Year 2021

Day 7 of our North QLD Christmas Trip and yes we are still in Townsville. Bloody COVID has made a meal of getting to attractions.

We found out we have to book a timeslot for the Reef Aquarium and at first glance there is no slots available. Just as all hope is lost we find a 2pm opening on New years day.

So the boys and I went in search of a shopping centre. This was a 2 planned attack 1 get the times I missing packing in the van like a can opener duh… 2 a sneaky birthday present for little Maarten who will be 11 on the 7th January.

Both of these objectives were met, but I did loose a child for a while and just as panic set in he decided to join us again. Amazing how many things you think of when you a strolling through the shops..

We race back and have lunch and take off the the aquarium to meet out 2-5pm timeslot.

We all enjoyed the Aquarium and although it was showing its age it was still well worth the time and money to go, I can only imagine how great this will be once the renovation is completed

Tonight is a early night as we are on a barge to Magnetic Island in the morning…..