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North QLD Christmas Trip 2020 – Day 13 – Cairns

19 Jul 2024
Henry Ross Lookout

Happy 11th Birthday Maarten!!!!

Today we start out by tripping around Cairns. First stop was “Henry Ross” Lookout, with beautiful views back to Cairns and out to the sea. Then Palm Cove, Trinity Beach to check out the beaches on offer.

At this time, we have a brainwave. Why don’t we head out to Port Douglas and then we don’t have to go back with the van, once we arrived here, we quickly realised this was a good decision.

We drove around the beaches and found a walk that hugged the beach from one end of Port Douglas to the other.

Silly me decided to take the walk and Little Party Maarten came with me, even though it was hot, sticky and did I mention hot….

We had a good time. We chatted through the walk…

On our way back we stopped at Rex Lookout and Gatz Balancing Rocks.

We made a rock stack took some photos and headed back.

With Swimmers in tow, we took the boys off to the Lagoon in Cairns Esplanade.

The boys played in the pool for hours and this gave us a chance to book some major attractions.

When we finally got them out, we walked the night markets and headed back to the car, this was a mission on its own as we parked, I think in Townsville… LOL