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North QLD Christmas Trip 2020 – Day 12 – Cairns

19 May 2024

Today our plans are to head to the shop and pick up some supplies that I forgot in the packing of the van. Including, Thetford Toilet paper, I didn’t plan enough supplies for this trip, back to the drawing board on that one..

We took a drive around to familiarise ourselves with the city, back to the van for lunch and to get ready for the Armour and Artillery Museum.

Wow do they have some tanks, if you are a tank enthusiast this is the place for you, we spend a few hours wondering through the display and really enjoyed the information boards in front of them all.

We headed back to the van as today was a big day at the boulders. Time for a break… there was a big afternoon storm so we extremely pleased with our decision. In the afternoon the sky put on a beautiful colour show, I have never seen a sky so orange…