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North QLD Christmas Trip 2020 – Day 11

22 May 2024
Babinda Boulders

Far North QLD – Bramston Beach to Lake Placid Cairns

It did not rain as much as predicted in far North QLD and we manage to hook up and stay dry and take off towards Cairns.

On the way we planned a bypass to the Babinda Boulders.

We pass through a beautiful little town with a bakery, a butcher and small shops, we continue through town and up to the Boulders.

We were lucky to find a parking spot that fit the car and van. The boys were dressed in swimmers willing and ready to get into the water.

To start off we walked the loop and the views with the water rushing through was beautiful.

Thankfully having so much rain around has made the rapids over the boulders so much better.

We end up spending a few hours here with the boys finding a secret area that they can jump pf a boulder and the current takes them back around they climb back up and jump again and again and again.

They should sleep well tonight.

 After all the jumping the first thing out the boy’s mouth was, “What’s for lunch, I’m hungry.”

Little to they know we have been given a tip from Mr Buckeroonie to try a Pie at the…………

Babinda Bakery

The line-up was long, and Maarten was getting concerned that there would be no more pies by the time we got in the shop.

but thankfully there were still pies. (Babinda Bakery – Babinda, Queensland | Facebook)

One thing about having your van with you is we can set ourselves up anywhere and we can sit down and eat with ease, especially when it starts raining again…

On my way back to the van I passed the Babinda Butchers and there is a special on crumbed steak and mince.

We are suckers for crumbed steak and before leaving I must stock up.

Off to Cairns we head and we have chosen to stay at the Lake Placid Tourist Park. A bit further out of town but what a lovely, peaceful park.

We are only 6kms from the Barron Falls. Guess what it was raining went we arrived, it was a big downpour. Shock Horror….