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North QLD Christmas Trip 2020 – Day 10: Paronella Park to Bramston Beach

20 May 2024
Etty Bay

This morning we had to decide if we day tour the Paronella Park or come back on the way down and hope for better weather.

By 830am the rain was holding out, so we decide to go for it.

Paronella Park

The van is packed up and, in the carpark, ready to go and we head into meet up with the tour guide. You can almost guess what is going to happen, it starts raining cats and dogs.

What can you do but push through? Rain jackets on umbrella up and trying to miss the puddles.

In the end the tour was lovely and the information on Jose Paronella was a story worthy of the setting. He must have been a force to recon with on his time..

In the car and we have had to divert away from the Manu Skywalk now as the weather is getting worse.

We had a local insider give us a list of sites to see on the trip and we head to Etty Bay to check one of them out. @mrbuckeroonie (MrBuckaroonie – YouTube)

Etty Bay – Etty Bay | Cairns & Great Barrier Reef (

The drive in is a steep, twisty road and it gives way to a lovely beach with a stingers net and lifeguard on duty.

There is a caravan park at the end of the road. This is a lovely place worthy of a quite pitstop while heading north.

Off back up the hill and onto Innisfail, we did not have any plans, so we drove through town and checked it out.

This is not as small as first thought it would and we would have loved to stay but the caravan park was closed.

We found a Cairns Regional Council run caravan park at Bramston Beach and headed to check in for the night. We are becoming no stranger to setting up in the pouring rain and Bramston was no exception.

There were a few breaks in the weather, and we managed to take a walk along the beach before heading back to the van to bunker down.

The weather forecast is for tonight is 100-200mm of rain and we have been advised that we may need to stay longer as the roads maybe cut.

We will see what happens in the morning as we plan to push through to Cairns.