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Natural Science Loop – Day 4

21 May 2024

Paddabilla Bore & Birdwatching Area to Thargomindah

Early morning start today to ensure we can see the sights we have planned today.…

First stop Eulo, this is a small town with a wonderful walk to see the sights. There is a bronze statue of a Diprotodon as you entre town and a map with the landmarks to see.

In Eulo there is a dump point at the airport, but it makes you wonder what has happened for a sign to be put at the dump point

“please don’t steal the hose!!!!”

These communities are offering a free service and yet people steal the metre-long hose……

Onto Yowah, this is a small Opal driving community with a brilliant look out just outside of town it is a easy climb up on a dirt rocky road, we took the van with us…

Yowah lookout is so worth the drive, it is breath taking how beautiful the outback is.

We are so lucky that they have had rain and the plains are green and alive.

We fueled up here and thankfully we did as the wind picked up making it a hard drive to Thargomindah.

“Thargo” as the locals call it, totally surprised us….

The tourist information centre is your first stop in towns and the friendly staff will sort you out with maps and the swipe cards for the local attractions.

After chatting with Faith and working out what we needed to see and do we met “Big Red” the local blue tongue lizard. He was comfortable having a cuddle with the kids…

At the Old Hospital, we swiped our card at the front door and the automatic door opened into the ward area.

The kids found another swipe point and the blinds closed and an information video of the hospital and medical care for the area started.

Each room had its own projection and story and was so informative.

Onto the Old Jail, there is a jail cell with a story from the old days and onto the kitchen where the local police officers wife told you about living in Thargo.

The 3rd stop was the hydro power plant…

Thargomindah was the 3rd place in the world to have hydro-power.

They were just behind London and 24hours behind Paris, bet you didn’t know that….

We topped up on groceries, a hot tip from Faith was wait till after 4:30 on Friday for the truck with all the fresh bread etc…

Thargo was such a lovely town we decided to stop at the freecamp that is a stones throw from town and on the banks of the Bulloo River.

While we were here the river was up high and made the area a peaceful place to stay.

“We will be back, Thargo has so much to offer.”