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Natural Science Loop – Day 1

18 May 2024

Home to Kumbarilla Rest Stop

Talk about cramming, we are the masters of that. We had a conversation with the kids, and they had researched the Natural Science Loop after we grabbed the information from Faith from the Baloo Shire at the Toowoomba Caravan Show. Faith really sold the area to us at the show and the boys were hooked. If you are after any information for this area please contact Faith at

We all agreed to head west. The only issue, was the display at the Cleveland show had to be packed up and moved back to the dealership before the journey could begin. So long nights and early mornings to make this possible. The kids helped as they were eager to start the caravan adventure.

By 2pm we were on the road, hoping to make it to Westmar, but that was a step to far. The alternative found the Kumbarilla Rest Stop outside of Dalby on the Moonie Highway.  This is a great spot for an overnighter and it is clean and you can get a bit further away from the road, the only thing is the bins at the entrance to the stop need to be emptied, but at least they have bins….

This is a good point to make, plans are great, and you should have one, but also have a backup. You never know if you find something that you did not plan but takes more time, you may not make your intended stop.  This is part of the travelling experience… Embrace it… it makes the journey yours and so much more special….

More to come when we finally make it to the start of the Natural Science Loop and we review a bunch of products on this trip.

Stay Tuned for what adventures we find out in the South West Outback Natural Science Loop.