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Muk Mat Product Review

15 Jul 2024

You know when you see these products online or on you tube and say to yourself. Hmmm I’d like to try that but I bet it doesn’t do what it is suppose to…….

Well this Muk Mat does, I have been lucky enough to have bought the Muk Mat to run at my front door and can honestly tell you. This is the BOMB!!!!!!

With 2 boys running in and out of the van with varying degrees of messy shoes, I always would be yelling “clean your feet…”…. This trip so far, i haven’t had to yell once.

We have camped on dirt at the side of the road, at a dam freedom camp that was grassy and caravan parks. so far the ground has stayed where it should OUTSIDE..

To recommend something I have always believed you should know how it works and be able to back it up. This is a product I am happy to have in my travelling arsenal to save my caravan floors.

muk mat | Mats to Keep Dirt and Sand Where They Belong

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