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18 Jul 2024

Time Started: 07:30am

Today we were up early to explore Barcaldine and to move onto Longreach. In Barcaldine we parked in the main street and walked to check out the sites and the tree of knowledge.

We were pleasantly surprised to find heaps to keep the kids entertained with musical instruments, heaps of local information. The Kids especially liked the piano in the main street that they could play and honestly they thought they were brilliant.. Being good parents that we are we agreed they were outstanding.

We checked out the Tree of Knowledge and explained to the kids in the significance of the tree… There is a local bakery with a coffee shop and I was not missing that, in hand with my triple shot vanilla latte, vanilla milk for Big Maarten, strawberry for little Maarten and chocolate for Christian, god help us we all cant have the same LOL…and a fresh loaf of bread we headed to Longreach.

On the way we found a cute little town called Ilfracome there is a mile long machinery drive, which with boys is like a playground, there were many noises coming from them, and im sure they were racing the machinery, not looking forward to teaching them to drive..

In Longreach we decided to go to the Stockmans Hall of fame museum. This is a brilliant spot to take the kids to learn about the strong people from the outback, their stories.. We went to the QANTAS Founders museum. The boys loved flying a plane in the simulator, I love it when we get told watch me im getting better… and they crash… I have to admit the Air con was brilliant the outside temp was in the 40’s. we spent the afternoon there and have passes to go back tomorrow, since it is a public holiday and nothing else is opened we might take that up…

We are staying at the Longreach Tourist Park, with power, water and a pool… to which ALL are being used. This is a lovely park with plenty of room, lovely hosts with a side bonus they host rescue wildlife and they had just taken in a baby joey. The boys got to touch the joey and were so excited… almost as much as getting to spend hours in the pool tonight…

Arrived: 1200pm