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29 May 2024

Day 4: Longreach

No travel today – day of rest.

We decided today to have a rest day, time for the boys to catch up with their travel diaries.

Rest Day

Ok so to make my kids happy tell them they can get up a 630 and jump straight into the pool, sorry everyone else in the caravan park. Then make the day even better, make them croissants.. onto travel diaries and this blog. We took the time for a maintenance check on the van and car. The Waeco in the car is running like a gem, unfortunately we cant say the same with the Fridge. We bought this van 2nd hand to do this trip and then sell in the yard and we probably didn’t do enough testing before taking off.. (I blame an extremely busy run to Christmas).. We turned the fridge on and it started on 240v, gas and 12v. The lesson here is to run for a day to ensure it cools, no use if it starts and doesn’t cool.

Discussions are centred around do we run to Mt Isa or back track to Emerald to hopefully fix the fridge… Much debate on which way is better, then we found a repairer in Longreach, TRACCS Mobile repairs and parts. Joseph took my call on New Years Day, what a legend, he is coming out tomorrow hopefully he can sort us out.