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15 Jul 2024

So our itinerary has changed. While we intended to go to Gladstone some tours that are not operating so changes were needed.

So today the plan is now Rockhampton. I don’t know how many times we have travelled this section of road but we have never stopped in Childers. so today we decided to change that.

Glad we stopped at Childers

Not only is there are FREE Historical Complex, but the walk through town is just beautiful. It is a great opportunity to stretch the legs and get ready for the long haul to Rockhampton.

The have decided to head as North as we can go and on the way we like to find “big things” for the kids and at Miriam Vale there is a crab and Bororen there is a Giraffe.

Today was a big KM drive so we can try to get as North as we can. We free camped at Milman, it was just a gravel pit but suited our purpose for a quick getaway in the morning.