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Were off again in an Avan Aspire 617 for our Family Getaway

22 May 2024

Day 1 – Cruise Oz to Chatsworth Rest Area

Our Avan Aspire 617 Family Getaway has started, with restrictions in QLD lifted after the COVID-19 lockdown……

Its never that easy!!!!!

I delayed the trip to install a product that being testing.. The intention was to be on the road by 10am the best laid plans and all LOL…..

With a late start, traffic and an accident on the Sunshine Coast, we decided to stop at the Matilda Roadhouse at Kybong. Unfortunately, they have closed the campsite, just a quick reminder that sometimes you need that have an alternative stop and never rely on having only one option.

Because this camp was closed we had to find Plan B this was at Glanmire just south of Gympie, but there were no sites that would work.

On to Plan C that ended up being the Chatsworth rest stop North of Gympie… WOOHOO we hit the jackpot….

And Plan C is a lovely spot for an overnight stay. We have decided to head to Gladstone area, lets see what tomorrow holds.
We review how we are going with the Avan Aspire 617 on this Family Getaway and a new product we have decided to test for this trip.. Keep an eye open for what new gadget we have found….

My recommendations so far are

Firstly: Plan for plans to change – Have Plan A, B and C in place.

Secondly: the time Google Maps tells you it is to your next destination, add at least another 30 mins as towing is slower than just driving in a car.

And Lastly, bring an extra blanket, you’ll never know you need it.

onto Day 2………..