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Adventure Way – Christmas 2021 trip – Day 5 – Strzelecki Track

15 Jul 2024
leaving Innaminka SA

Innaminka SA to Leigh Creek – 510km – Departed: 0830 Arrived: 2000

Today we continue our Adventure Way – Christmas 2021 Trip Day 5 and we tackle the Strezlecki Track from Innaminka.

We packed up and headed to the dump point, filled up with water, said our goodbyes and started on our toughest test yet. slightly worried and hoping we had everything ready lets see how this goes…..

It started out mild and We wondered what all the fuss was for… THEN….. holy corrugations we pulled over and dropped 10psi out of all our tyres, this seemed to make the drive more comfortable. At time we were at 10kms and maxed out at 80km. even the trucks were only doing about 5kms at times it was very ruff.

This drive isn’t about what you see on the journey but more about the drive itself, so there isn’t much opportunity to take photos but the van was continually checked for any issues and unfortunately there were some problems which should be expected.

Strzelecki Track – Outback Road Trip Icon: The Strzelecki Track (

Adventure Way – Strzelecki Track – SA

This was probably one of the hardest drive days we have had, but through this all the kids never complained, they still helped make lunch and with repairs on the van.

So it is time to let you know what happened to the van. So we suffer failures and damage. None would stop our trip but took some roadside repairs to ensure we got the to the other end of the trip with water etc.

Damaged parts from the van

Once of our wish items was a stone stomper, but due to our tow bar not being able to set up the system, we were unable to go with this option, work was extremely busy and we missed the chance to install a Deflector stone shield.

With this in mind stones defiantly seemed to have a damage mission to our plumbing

The front water tank uptake line copped a rock splitting the fitting, the kids wanted a snack so happened to pull over and found the issue, so minimal water was lost.

The seat extension draws sheared the lock catch off and travelled the rest of the way on the kids bed. The glass show screen door popped out and landed inside the shower, thankfully still in one piece and was an easy fix on the road.

Slight dust ingress from the inverter installation, hole in floor not sealed, under kitchen cupboard where the gas line comes through the floor.

We had no dust on benchtops, beds etc. and we believe this is because we have the Dometic Dust Reduction system installed.

The light at the end of the dusty road was the spectacular free camp outside of Leigh Creek, Wikicamp reference Grids View, perched onto of a mountains with beautiful views….

So did we survive the drive, yes we did and although we had some issues none were stopping us from continuing our journey… Off to the Yorke Peninsular for some beach time