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22 May 2024
Innaminka Trading Post

Thargomindah to Innaminka SA – 395km – Departed 0720 Arrived 1500

This morning the Adventure into new territory starts. An early start to head into Thargo and fuel up, thankfully we had met the owners of the fuel station and they were willing to open up to fill our tanks. As the store is currently closed for renovations.

With a full tank of fuel we head off towards our new frontier. The area is a lot greener than the last time we were here and there is water about on the sides of the road.

Along the highway we found ourselves on high perch overlooking the plains, what beautiful site.

Road out of Thargo. what views Adventure Way (

About 150km from Thargo is the turn off to Innaminka following the Adventure Way. We stopped for a quick bowl of cereal and we were off again. Todays adventure includes The Dig Tree and border crossing into SA.


1898 John Dick carved Burke’s face into another tree (the Face Tree) about 30 metres downstream of the Dig Tree. The site is as Burke and Wills and companions would have viewed it nearly 140 years ago. These trees are direct a link to the explorers of Australia’s Historic Past.

The Burke and Wills Dig Tree is one of Australia’s National icons and an enduring reminder of the pioneering spirit and extreme harshness of the Outback. Nappa Merrie Station is proud to officially manage the site on behalf of the Royal Historical Society of Queensland. Located on the northern bank of Cooper Creek, the Dig Tree is a Coolibah (Eucalyptus microtha).

The last stop for the day, Innaminka and the SA border crossing, everyone knows how scary it is at the moment crossing border, so we were logged into SA for our pass and ready to roll. Only there was no border controls at all…. We drove straight through and into Innaminka.

On arrival we decided to fuel up at the Innaminka Trading Post – Innamincka Trading Post – Innamincka Trading Post ( – we could not recommend this place more highly.

The wonderful managers let us know that Innaminka was our stop for the next few days as the road was closed due to flooding.

Luckily we spend a lot of time with them as they were extremely helpful and wonderful to the kids. After a few days of down time, we start to prepare for the Strzelecki Track…. Keep a look out for an update on how we went towing a 2.8T caravan on the track…