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Adventure Way – Christmas 2021 trip – Day 2

20 May 2024
free camp Thargomindah

Westmar to Thargomindah 608KM – Departed 0630 Arrived 1800

Westmar to Thargomindah
Big day driving – Westmar to Thargomindah

A big driving day today on the Adventure Way, we need to get some kilometres under our belts to hit the border to SA.

We have already travelled this area for the Natural Science Loop and loved coming out here. The towns are clean and pretty, people are friendly and give you a hand.

Adventure Way – Bollon QLD – Wallam Creek Rest Area

The small community called Bollon is a highlight, in the main street of town is a Free Camp on the banks of Wallam Creek. There are showers, toilets and the pub even delivers meals to your caravan… WHAT MORE COULD YOU ASK FOR….

As we are travelling through this time, we stopped to take a walk. We found Deb’s Café open, we took a well deserved break for a soft drink for some and a Ice Cream for others.

I could not recommend this café highly enough.

So refreshing to be greeted with a friendly manner, so if you are passing through Bollon make sure you stop in and grab a drink or food from the Café.

We push through and decide to try out our new inverter. We turn it on and start the Air Con about 30kms out of Cunnamulla to cool the van for lunch. Surprise, we have a lovely cool van to have lunch in and are relieved that the inverter seems to be money well spend.

It takes a load of power from the battery approx. 40% of our 250amp lithium batteries after an hour of use (wouldn’t want to be doing that too much).

We start to make that back up after 4 hours of DC-DC, not all, but overall I still call it a success.

Adventure Way – Thargomindah

On arrival in Thargomindah we set up camp on the banks of the Bulloo River. It always amazes me the free camps the outback towns make available to travellers. In return we need to keep them clean and spend some money in the town. And they even have a dump point and water. These are the towns we need to support.