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Yorke Peninsula – Christmas Trip 2021 – Day 9, 10 & 11

30 May 2024
Yorke Peninsula

Len Baker Bush Camp travel days around lower Yorke Peninsula

Lower Yorke Peninsula Travel days –

Over the next few days on out Yorke Peninsula – Christmas Trip 2021, the van stayed at the Len Barker Bush Camp, while we travelled around the lower Yorke Peninsula.

Day 9

We decide to head into Point Turton which is only a 5 min drive from our campsite. We checked out the Jetty and took a drive through town.

Sting Ray at Point Turton Jetty
Point Turton Sting Ray

On the trip North we head to Port Victoria and take a look at the jetty and foreshore, on our way back we stop in at the bush campsites and decide we are still in a brilliant sight so will stay put at the Len Barker Bush Camp.

We learnt a lesson on this trip. Do not rely on everything being open and found ourselves without a lunch option, not very happy kids. we make it up to them by having fish and chips for dinner. We are still struggling with how late the sun goes down here and we find ourselves at 8pm still having dinner.

Day 10

saw us travelling the top of the foot through Gravel Bay, Swincer Rocks, Gleesons Landing camp grounds and onto the beautiful Marion Bay.

By this time it was already 4pm and we headed off the Innes National Park, but we found out that there was an entry fee to drive the park and time was not on our side.

We still needed to make Warooka for water and to dump the toilet.

Day 11

sees us setting out on another adventure this is our last day travelling from our base and we need to see the far side of the peninsula. We start at Meehan Hill lookout and make our way around the bottom of the foot, the coastline is beautiful and very diverse.

We keep travelling up the bottom of the foot, as we were looking to head to Port Vincent. We take the opportunity to stop in via the coast towns on the way. To be honest we are really enjoying this trip it is the first time we have left the van behind and actually toured with just the car.

We normally take the van everywhere with us, but we are now seeing the benefits of leaving the van behind and tripping in the car alone.