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North QLD Christmas 2020 Trip Day 1: Loganholme to Gin Gin

30 May 2024
North QLD Christmas Trip

Our first trip in our NEW GOLF TOURER 577

Would love to give you a million details of what we did and what we saw on the way, but to be honest, it was just one BIG traffic jam.

We left at 11am and didn’t end up getting to Gin Gin till 530pm. In total it was about 3 hours to get to Gympie.

I hope whoever had put their van in the ditch near Bribie Island is ok and can get back on the road.

No issues in the Golf Tourer 577, the compressor fridge seem to be working well, the Gas BBQ slide was a treat on arrival and the grey tank option made the van self contained.

Other Freedom Campers do not seem to have this options and grey water was dumped everywhere.

“This is how Freedom Camping gets shut down.”

If you are in the market for a grey water tank give our service department a call to have a free quote sent to install one in your van.

Early night and another big day tomorrow, the trip only starts at Bowen as the Trip in the Aspire 617 made it to Proserpine.

There is more tips and information coming as we trial some new products, get the good and the bad to each one.

For further information on the Golf Tourer range please contact Vaughn on (07) 3806 2627 or check out the brochure Tourer Range | Golf Caravans