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Natural Science Loop – Day 7

18 Aug 2022

Muckadilla Rest Stop to Home

We are up this morning to make the last push home. As a treat breakfast will be at a bakery and we are going to try to support a smaller town.

There is nothing between Muckadilla and Miles, so on arrival in Miles we pull up at the park in the main street and head up the road to the bakery for breakfast. After a pie and milk, we pack up ready to hit the road. That’s when……..

As every time we told the boys to head to the toilets, one walked normally through the gates and the other decided he could jump the fence to beat his brother….

Well that didn’t go well, and we end up carrying him to the car and over the Miles Hospital we head. The worst part is he was on file at the Hospital…🚑🙄

So after a clean of the wound and a bandage to cover it, we are advised he might have a hairline fracture, we head home.

This trip ended up being a 3,114km trip. The road are narrow but all tar, it was so quite and beautiful. Please if you have considered a trip look at this area, it is worth the time and km.