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Natural Science Loop – Day 6

30 May 2024
Bald Hills Lookout

Day 6: Eromaga Rest area to Muckadilla Rest Stop

Bald Hills Lookout…….OMG what a spot, the views are stunning and so worth the 10 min walk up the hill… after spending time taking photos it’s time to head into Quilpie.

Parked up in the main street and walked down towards St Finbaars church to check out the opal alter. Onto the main street here is artwork and a free war museum that is well worth a look.

St Finbaars Church – Quilpie

After finishing up in the main street and head towards Charleville, due to school holidays and Covid restrictions we were not able to book tours at the Cosmos Centre or the Royal Flying Doctors. Charleville will have to be explored next time we are out here.

So it is time to slowly head home. After lunch at the Rock Pools outside of Charleville. On the drive back towards Brisbane is bittersweet, home sounds like heaven, but travelling and seeing new places is so wonderful

We truly are blest having such a beautiful country to travel.

As the afternoon drew closed, we pulled up at the Muckadilla Rest stop. Tomorrow we will be home.