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Day 16 – North QLD Christmas Trip 2020 – Cairns

15 Jul 2024

Cairns Aquarium & Zoom

Today was a clean up morning getting ready for 1 more day in Cairns and then off to the Daintree.

Low on food we went grocery shopping and picked up supplies at Bunnings and Anaconda.

After lunch its back to Cairns, on the way a massive rainstorm starts, if it wasn’t for already having tickets we probably would have turned back around.

But onwards and upwards, in Cairns there was no rain, so lucky for that, we headed into the aquarium. This is a beautiful aquarium and well worth the visit. Cairns Aquarium – The Adventure Begins!

The highlight for me was a huge stingray float over head while we were walking through the tunnels. This place is spectacular.

Out next stop is Cairns Zoom & Wildlife Centre, I wasn’t sure what to expect here, but it is a different experience that a standard zoo.

Zoom is located on the top floor of the casino and includes wildlife and a medium and high ropes course, zipline and high drop.

Cairns Zoom & Wildlife Dome | Cairns City Attractions

We arrived to be greeted by 2 black cockatoos and I swear no one will ever get in the door without everyone knowing LOL…

But the animal that really caught my eye was white kookaburra, it was very pretty.

Maarten and Christian spotted the middle rope course and desperately wanted to give it a go. So, harnessed up and tethered to the zipline of they climbed.

All in all, they went well, until the small zip section. Christian stopped and did not want to let go, he told Maarten to push him off, LOL, Maarten told him he couldn’t it was against the rules.

Eventually he let go and made it over the zip line. As soon as they hit the bottom they wanted to go again. This time there was not stopping them at all.

After Zoom we headed back to the night markets and wondered around, after having Opa and Aunty Trudy tell them about the fish foot spa the boys were ready to try this out.

I cannot explain the sensation of having little fish chewing on your feet, it is hmmmmm un-nerving but nice as well. Would I do it again, probably not….

Back to the van as tomorrow is another early start as we are on the Kuranda Scenic Railway….