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29 May 2024

Charters Towers to Bluff

Start: 9am


WOW how times flies, this morning we were up at 5am to see town without the van. First up was Tower Hill, wow this place is unbelievable, from the small kangaroos that were so close to us, a view that was just spectacular and WW2 bunkers with interactive displays that are well worth a look at.

We took a drive through town and admired the lovely old buildings. Then back to the Caravan Park to hook up, have a quick breakfast and on the road.

The drive from Charters Towers to Clermont is long and there is not much to see, the road surface was good in parts but on the hole was full of what we call woopsadasiys, it in parts was severe and was like being on a roller coaster, we had to slow down even further. 

We arrived in Clermont and checked out the piano in the tree and the flood stump marker. To say that would have been terrifying would have been an understatement. There is a beautiful Muriel at the train station that is a must see.

We start the drive to Emerald with dark clouds out to our Left, I joke to Maarten, that is Emerald. Well I wasn’t far off, as we drive towards Emerald the road seems to point us in the direction of the dark clouds… rain we drive through rain… what a pleasant change… We arrive in Emerald and our first stop is the Telstra Shop, we had one mobile on the Aldi network, which runs on the Telstra Backbone, but we found the signal once out of populated areas it has nothing. We had 3 days with Optus kicking butt and the other phone dead, so over to Telstra network so we have 2 phone on different networks. While we are here I quickly go into Woolies to grab a cake for Maartens Bday.

ALERT: We have done 3000km in the outback of QLD we have seen wildlife, we are walking from BCF to Woolies and Little Maarten as calm as anything said, “Mum there is a snake next to you” I think to myself HAHA Maarten very funny…….On the concrete next to me slithers a snake, a real live one… The fisher person in me wants to tell you it was metres long and I caught it a wrestled it to the ground, but it was about 20cm long…and I ran away LOL

We check out the Big Easel, take some photos and decide to head out of town, we were going to stay here but with the really big dark clouds we take a run a bit further down the road.

We found a camp on Wikicamps and decided to give it a go, the town was called Bluff and the campsite was behind the Bluff Hotel. We pull up and I head into the main bar to pay. 2 Adults and 2 Kids $10 no power if you wanted power it was $10 more. With this you get access to the shower and toilet. What a deal… the place was clean and tidy and well worth staying at, please if you are passing thought this area, stop here you wont regret it.

Finish: 6pm