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Day 2 – Eurimbula National Park

30 May 2024
Eurimbula National park

We woke up to Rain and Overcast Weather planned to head into the Eurimbula National Park and cruise around the 4wd tracks.

Eurimbula National Park | Parks and forests | Department of Environment and Science, Queensland (

Eurimbula Creek Campground – Eurimbula National Park

First stop was Eurimbula Creek Campground to check it out, it felt good to have sand under our feet again.

Ganoonga Noonga lookout – Eurimbula National Park

Then the steep climb up a million stairs to the Ganoonga noonga Lookout. Beautiful views from the top over looking the national park.

Middle Creek Campground

Onto Middle Creek Campground wow that was a fun track to drive, there were ruts and corrugations, holes to try to miss and tress trying to scratch the car. But in the end it was worth the drive.

On the drive out we found a turn off to Tanti Road to Bustard Bay Lighthouse.

Maarten decided to take over driving for this section,

I have to say I ended up being slightly happy after what the road offered us.

No more than 5 seconds in we encountered our first of many 4WD situations.

Little Maarten and I jumped out to guide, but more we didn’t want to be in the car…

The obstacle had wheels in the air and odd angles felt by all in the car..


Woohooo we thought we were through the bad section there were still some that nearly caught us out.

But we soldiered on and found some hidden gems along the way.

Turning around we headed to Turkey Beach for a look, Christian has decided it needs to be renamed Kangaroo Beach. There were Kangaroos everywhere… It was extremely windy and was starting to rain.

As it was getting very late we headed back towards the Bruce highway, we had stopped before at the Star Roadhouse at Miriam Vale they have beautiful Pizza’s so we had our dinner and had a late arrival back at our Caravan at the Summitt 1770.

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